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The Project is under construction, and its implementation depends largely on the support we can get.

Words are sometimes not enough: an exceptional digital reconstruction of the area of the German Nazi Concentration and Extermination Camp Auschwitz-Birkenau based on the archival sources of the Auschwitz Memorial.

“Auschwitz VR” is a 3D computer app enabling the users to explore one of the most notorious, tragic, historical places in Europe. It is an accurate 3D reconstruction based on reliable sources – including photographs, technical documentation and other archival materials.

VR, the 360° stereoscopic view and accurately detailed rendering will give the opportunity to see every part of the camp as well as enter the buildings reconstructed with great diligence.

We are already planning to prepare learning scenarios based both on reliable historical research and the testimonies of survivors. These stories will tell about the human experience of horrific realities of concentration camp life.

Technology reveals history

VR enables:

The past- here and now

Who will be interested in this app?

How is virtual reconstruction created?

  1. Environment
  1. Props
  1. Characters in educational scenarios
  1. Sounds
  1. App structure
  1. Virtual reality – a modern approach to teaching and commemoration

What makes the project so outstanding?

Auschwitz-BirkenauHistoricalVR Reconstruction

"Auschwitz VR" is an application which will allow to see a digital reconstruction of the grounds of the German Nazi camp Auschwitz II-Birkenau as in May 1944.

The project is created based on archive photographs, technical documentation, archival materials and scans of the authentic site in strict co-operation with historians of the Auschwitz Memorial.

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The Auschwitz Birkenau Foundation owns the project and finances the virtual reconstruction of Auschwitz II Birkenau. The project will serve to strengthen the educational mission of the Memorial.
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Visiting on‑line with an educator
Virtual on‑line bookstore
Reconstructed multimedia
Visit logbook
Theme-based visiting scenarios
Interviews with Survivors

This project captures the authenticity

with extraordinary attention to details.

Scale of reconstruction

500 000
images in architectural 3D photoscans
fence posts and 400 km of barbed wire
and rail cars

Photoscan 3D

The reconstruction involved the analysis of archival photographs, architectural documentation and the use of 3D photoscan.

Sound layers

10 musical pieces were composed for the application. They were inspired by the period, people and events linked with the memorial.

Renovation of photographs

2000 archive photographs were digitally renovated during the preparation of the project.

Authenticity of the Memorial site


The technologies used in Auschwitz VR do not close the possibility of using the created materials in other creative fields.
We transferred the digital model of the Gate of Death from the virtual world directly to 3D printers and CNC machines.

Mre about
the prject


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